About us

Who Are We ?

Etgarim is a non-profit organization established by a group of disabled IDF veterans in 1995. The essence of Etgarim is to allow any person, regardless of race, gender, or religion, to fulfill oneself through extreme sports.
The organization operates several sports, such as running, cycling, sailing, diving and more.

Etgarim's Diving Center

We believe that there is a way to make scuba diving accessible to any person with and without disability, to be acquainted with the world of recreational diving and to experience the wonderful underwater world.
The diving center is operated by volunteers through and through all the way up to the management team.
The counseling staff of the center was trained to dive with a wide range of people with disabilities: visually impaired including blind, quadriplegic, PTSD victims, people on the autism spectrum, and more.
At the end of 2016, Etgarim's diving center was recognized by all the relevant bodies (the Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Diving Authority and the Israel Diving Association) to become an official diving center and not only a diving group.

Certified Divers Activities

Etgarim Diving Center holds diving activities, throughout the year, on a regular basis. Certified divers are those who have taken at least one star (open water) dive course.
Diving activities are in Eilat, during the weekend (Fri-Sat). Accommodation are in an accessible boariding house. Arrival to Eilat is independent.